Chapter Life VP

IMG_3491Hi! My name is Morgan Herchenbach, and I’m proud to serve Alpha Xi Delta as the Chapter Life Vice President. As Chapter Life VP, I am in charge of making sure the house runs smoothly and is kept in good shape. Amongst many other positions, I oversee our social chairs and sporstwear chairs, who make sure we have fun things to do and look great doing it! Finally, I’m in charge of risk management and judicial affairs.
I am from Omaha, Nebraska and went to Mercy High School (woot, woot, all-girls school!). I am a Psychology Major with Family Science and Spanish minors, and my life goal is to be a Child Life Specialist and then a Child Psychologist. I just want to work with kids who need my help the most!
That’s part of the reason I joined Alpha Xi Delta–our philanthropy is Autism Speaks–and I am constantly given opportunities to help children with autism. And the best part is- I get to do it with all of my Alpha Xi sisters! That’s the other reason I love being an Alpha Xi Delta: my sisters. I’m lucky enough to come from a huge family (I have 8 little sisters and a baby brother), and I don’t know what I would have done in college without my 140 new sisters. I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by women who inspire me and challenge me to realize my potential every day. There is not a single woman in this chapter who I don’t admire or look up to in some way. My Alpha Xi Delta sisters are just that amazing!

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